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Web Test Tools

WTTools team:   Artur Hefczyc
WTTools project site:   WTTools project

Short introductionWhat new
Project was created during my development time. I create many different applications and in all of them I needed some tools for improvement my programming work. So I decided to create something like tool-set for me and other developers which would help during developing time.
Look in following short description and check if there is something interesting for you. Use this tools and use this code. It is open and free. All code is released under LGPL license or GPL so you can use it in both your free and commercial projects.
Open Source Community License from RefactorIT
I am happy to announce that WTTools acquired an Open Source Community License from RefactorIT. It allow to use this excellent tools for all existing WTTools projects.
"RefactorIT is the first comprehensive refactoring tool targeted at the needs of Corporate developers. RefactorIT provides the following benefits:
  • RefactorIT helps developers up the learning curve faster
  • RefactorIT gives more leverage with larger Java code bases
  • RefactorIT protects the integrity of your code
  • RefactorIT doesn't fill your code with unreadable, unmaintainable generated Java
  • RefactorIT is a good corporate citizen."
If you would like to offer me a job
I would be happy to work as software developer for some Open Source project. This is dream of most open source developers is it? Anyway my resume is available here

VCP project

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Shortest description: "Truly visual language".
But things are a little bit more complicated. There are many different programming languages around the world. So creating another one is not that amazing. Instead of developing another set of syntax rules I want to implement different coding approach. I want to join in one task designing and coding application. I want to allow coding with painting diagrams only. Indeed, diagrams are going to be code of your program.
This project is relatively huge, it consists of three major parts:

  1. Language definition
  2. Programming environment
  3. Code interpreter

Emacs stuff

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I perform almost all development tasks with emacs. From time to time I try to improve my development environment and create some utilities for this "operating system". Here you can find my shared tools.


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This subproject is going to be collection of all Internet protocols implementation in java. First of all it should contain client side protocols implementation. Later it I will add implementations for server side applications.

Unit Tests Generator

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Lets assume you started developing your application some weeks ago or some months ago or even some years ago. I am sure that testing your code was one of major problems. You thought about automating such process. And than you heard about Unit Testing. So you would like to start use it. However how to introduce Unit Testing for large number of source files. There is too much of stupid code to write in all places again.

Here comes this package. His main goal is save you from wasting time for creating test classes for your all source files. It takes as an argument sources directory and than performs some actions which, result with test classes.

  1. Searching in given directory for all source files. You can put as a parameter file mask which, can improve finding source files.
  2. Parsing sources to structures which, can be processed later.
  3. Generates test files for each given source.

Remote Console

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Java library for getting remote access to application during run-time. This remote access can be performed with any simple telnet application.

This library is very useful for special kind of applications. Application which runs very long and it is difficult to diagnose them. The good example may be daemon in operating system. There is no console to this application, no standard I/O. Of course it is not good practice to create system daemons in Java but there are many kinds of applications which works similarly and there are similar difficulties.

Remote Console was created to get access to these applications. If you load remotecons library and initialize socket listener your can simply run any 'telnet' like program and connect to your software and see what is going on.
With command handler implementation you can define as many new commands as you need to perform all necessary actions.


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I am going to create set of simple but useful classes which would be used in many projects. This classes should be independent to allow even extract them from this package and put them directly to any package tree.

Apache modules

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This is dynamic pages generator for HTTP clients testing purpose.

At the moment it contains two apache modules:

  1. mod_pagesok_gen.c - this module generates HTML page with relative URLs to last call. All URLs are relative to current location and should be resolved as a valid server location.
  2. mod_pages_gen.c - it is very similar to the above module, but in addition it generates URLs in HTML page which should not be valid server location. In consequence if HTTP client parses given HTML page and tries to download all found URLs it should get error code (404 - Page not found). Which is useful to test client behavior on server error.
They generate pages about 10KB long.

How to help

You can help in his project in many ways.

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As of November 2002 developers of WTTools can use RefactorIT Logo - a java based tool to assist in refactoring and code analysis.

Need more info?

If you have any problems with this application or you found any bugs or you have any ideas about extending this package, want to join to project or you simply need to contact me please send e-mail to address: Artur Hefczyc

This is part of Web Test Tools project.