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  5. Editing XML files emacsandxml
  6. Emacs and JDEE as software development environment. emacsandjdee
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I use emacs for most of my development work. I am not going to insist on anybody how good it is or that it is the best around the world. I just use it, like it and would like to help anybody interested in using it also.
Recently, most of my development is done in Java and I started to use excellent emacs library for Java: Emacs JDEE.
Although it is well documented and works well on many emacs configurations I found it difficult to install and use in the beginning. After I learned how to install JDEE and all necessary libraries I still had difficulties with almost all 'Makefiles' coming with packages. So more I work on Java code in many different environments - Linux, MS Win-2k, MS Win-XP even in MS Win-9x. So installation/upgrading on all this systems was painful.

I created simple 'bash' script to make it easy and to not involve user in all necessary actions: downloading, unpacking, copying, compiling packages. At the moment it supports bash on Linux, CygWin, MKS Toolkit, and probably Solaris and similar unix like systems.

what it does

Purpose of this script is to allow installation of JDEE and all required libraries for local emacs environment. All libraries are installed from last available versions.
It should work well for both: new installation and updating previous JDEE package. The goal is to provide utility for the simplest use. Just set all variables (1 or 2 indeed) one time according to your emacs configuration and run it multiple times at each JDEE upgrade.

What it requires

Download JDEE installation script here. This script is created to run it in Unix like environment. It means it requires some tools to perform all actions:

In real use it should work well on all Unix's and MS Win+CygWin system. I tested it on some last RedHat distributions, MS Win-XP+CygWin and MS Win-2k+CygWin

How to run it

Simply run it from command line shell. It does not require any additional command line parameters. However some variables might be necessary to change before. To learn what and how to set, just run the script with '-h' parameter. It should print all available options with description.

You may also want to update this script with info about new releases. Although I try to keep it up to date, sometimes I can be busy and may provide new version late. So look in section: 'Location of last version all necessary libraries' and change locations to last available packages.

If you have any troubles with installing JDEE using this script try to run it with "-v" option. It will give you more verbose output so it will be easier to help you for me.

Emacs dot-files

Here you can find my emacs "dot" files. I tried to make them readable and well commented. Especially with every external package used I have also added URL to place where the last version is available. Of course I am still not emacs and JDEE wizard so all suggestions and corrections are very needed.

Below you can find URLs to last available versions in CVS repository. CVS repository is also accessible through web browser so you should not have any problems with downloading them.

See it hereDownload it here
emacs.html .emacs
prj.html prj.el

Vocabulary teacher

Coming soon...

Need more info?

If you have any problems with this application or you found any bugs or you have any ideas about extending this package, want to join to project or you simply need to contact me please send e-mail to address: Artur Hefczyc

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