Artur Hefczyc
One 6 years old child
8 Mill House Walk
Cambridgeshire CB3 6FL
Phone: +447766881622



3/1999 The Gdansk University Poland-pomorskie-Gdansk

Master's Degree

Mathematics & Physics Faculty, field: Mathematics;
specialty: Information Technology (IT) and Numerical Methods.

2/1992 Fire Service Academy Poland-mazowieckie-Warsaw

Some Tertiary Course work Completed


3/2004 - present APR Smartlogik Cambridge, UK

Senior Software Engineer

Using following technologies: C++, Java/J2EE, XML, Tomcat and tools: ANT, JUnit.

2/2001 - 2/2004 NuTech Solutions Warsaw, Poland

Senior Developer

Using following technologies: Java, XML, JDBC with Oracle and PostgreSQL, Tomcat, IBM WebSphere and tools: ANT, JUnit, Rational Rose design environment, Borland's JBuilder and extensively Optimizeit.
I took part in project of fraud detection system for biggest bank of USA and managed:
  • Implementation of WebSpider module for intelligent web search engine.
  • Implementation of Software Components Management System.
Primary tasks: leadership teams up to 5, system design and specification (UML, Rational Rose), set up development and implementation process.

9/2000 - 2/2001 S. A. Warsaw, Poland

Member of Board of Directors
Network Security Officer
Project Manager

Designed and implemented whole company LAN infrastructure based on SUN's enterprise servers with Solaris 8.0 and Compaq servers with Linux -- RedHat.
Managed software development of web services available through HTTP and WAP and other communication channels. Works were realized with Rational Unified Process methodology and based on Java, XML, XSLT technology and Tomcat plus Cocoon framework. Took part in implementation of the following projects:
  • application for realizing web surveys and market studies,
  • sale-supporting application with the access through WWW and WAP designed for SECESPOL Company, Gdansk, Poland,
  • package of Internet services accessible through various media of remote data access (WWW, WAP, WEB Clipping)

9/2000 - 2/2001 Arthur Andersen Company Warsaw, Poland

Experienced Senior Consultant

I took part in a project implementation of for Messrs Arthur Andersen Company's investment.

6/1994 - 12/2000 Independent programming services InfoExpert Partnership, my own company

Network Administrator
Software developer

Used technologies like object oriented programming, Delphi and Windows API, numerous protocols for communication with different industrial devices, Linux operating system, system programming in C and C++.
Implemented following projects:
  • software of computer-aided control provided for a quick loading of coal in the "Staszic" Coal Mine Company, Katowice -- Poland,
  • elaboration and implementation of computer-aided vehicle weighing systems provided for use in the industrial companies of Gdynia, Lowicz, Lubin, Jaslo in Poland,
  • elaboration and implementation of computer-aided quality control system in the Zaklady Fosforowe [Phosphorus Manufacturing Company] in Gdansk -- Poland,
  • participation in the project of computer-aided chemical analysis for use in the Gdansk University of Technology,
  • operator's LAN administration services on Unix/MS Windows type machines.

8/1992 - 7/2000 TENS spolka zoo Sopot, Poland

Team Leader
Software Developer

Used object oriented programming techniques, Linux - RedHat operating system, C and C++ as programming languages and PL/SQL on the PostgreSQL for data base programming, IPC and TCP/IP for communication between many different applications and system processes, took part in the following tasks:
  • implementation of safety-supporting diagnostic network systems for Polish Railways Company,
  • integration of the above systems into US equipment of CyberScan 2000 railway diagnostics provided by the SERVO-HARMON Company,
  • project implementation including vehicle identification for the Polish Railways Company in cooperation with the ALCATEL AMTECH Co.


3/2001 - Present Open Source Developer -

Project Management Committee member
Java, XML Developer

Tools and standards used: Java, Applets, Servlets, XML, GML, OpenGIS standards, HTTP, CVS, SGML, DocBook, UML.
Participating in designing and developing first version of Web Map Server specification, and now designing and implementing Vector Product Format standard.

6/2003 - Present Open Source Developer -

XML, XSLT, Scripts Developer
Document editor

Tools and standards used: XML, DocBook, XSLT, DTD, XInclude, scripting languages, CVS, SGML, UML.
Created some parts of guide set: Basic XML, XML under Emacs, Code formating under Emacs, Emacs for Java Developers.
Participating in designing and developing first version of Generic Guides project implementation.

7/2001 - Present Open Source Developer -

Project Management
Java, C, Lisp Developer

Managing project Web Test Tools.
Developing tools for supporting software development on different level of application creating. Using languages Java, Lisp, Python and C and development tools: CVS for code management, make and ANT as building utilities. Currently working on:
  • design and implementation of skeleton of library for accessing Internet resources through different protocols in Java,
  • HTTP implementation in Java,
  • Unit Test Generator tool for building framework of classes for unit testing,
  • modules for apache web server to allow performing some tests for web clients,
  • Remote Console for monitoring work of application during runtime.


Skill Name Level Last Used Experience

Software designing and developing Expert Currently used 11 years

Design patterns Good Currently used 3 years

Rational Unified Software Development Process Good Currently used 2.5 year

Rational Rose development tools Good Currently used 2.5 year

UML Expert Currently used 6 years

Java programming Expert Currently used 4 years

XML, XSLT, XSP Expert Currently used 4 years

C/C++ Expert Currently used 7 years

Network protocols, TCP/IP, ftp, http Expert Currently used 9 years

Servlet, JSP Good Currently used 4 years

SQL, relational Data Bases Good Currently used 6 years

Borland's IDEs: Delphi, JBuilder Good Currently used 5 years

Lisp, Python Intermediate Currently used 2 years

Administration computer systems and TCP/IP network Good 2 years ago 3 years

Linux, Solaris, security in computer networks Good 2 year ago 5 years

Transferring data over serial link Expert 4 years ago 7 years


Ian Turton Centre for Computational Geography, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT Director

Phone Number: +44 (0) 113 343 3392

Email Address: Ian Turton <>

Cameron Shorter Australian Defence Industries Ltd Senior Software Engineer

Phone Number: +61.2.9325-1719

Email Address: Cameron Shorter <>

Marcin Chwin Dzial Strategii SAS Polska Business Development Manager

Phone Number: +48 22 560 46 00

Email Address: Marcin Chwin <>

Mariusz Bulawa TENS spolka z o. o. Project manager

Phone Number: +48 58 5503350

Email Address:

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