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Visual Components Programming team:   Artur Hefczyc  
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What does it mean visual programming?

Up to now it has meant - creating application GUI with very sophisticated GUI creators with mouse only or with small help from keyboard. Of course underneath were always traditional programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python.

There are many systems (IDEs) which support building GUIs. You can place visual components where you want, you can set properties for each visual component only pointing your mouse. Sometimes it is necessary to enter few words.

But there is no real visual language. Visual language I mean language which allows you to create whole application code with your mouse. Not only visual components like buttons, input lines, dialog windows. All your code like data flow, conditional statements, loops, data definition and son on.

I mean: Instead of coding your program lets paint your program.

Why it could be more useful than standard coding? As answer I can give you following question: Why do people create UML diagrams?

I agree that designing applications with diagrams is very good approach. UML is very good for creating design and documentation of programs. Why, however, do not have working program just after finishing painting diagrams? Why diagrams are not code of programs?

I want to join design and creating application code in one task even if they will be still separated tasks for some kind of diagrams such as Use-Case diagrams.

I am going to create UML based language and environment for use of this language which allow to create applications code with painting diagrams only.

This project is still in alpha-planning stage and there is no working Beta for testing now. On this page I will present screen-shots and information from my work progress. Of course all source codes are available in wttools CVS repository with anonymous access.

Need more info?

If you have any problems with this application or you found any bugs or you have any ideas about extending this package, want to join to project or you simply need to contact me please send e-mail to addres: Artur Hefczyc

This is part of Web Test Tools project.