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JProtocols description

JProtocols team:   Artur Hefczyc
API documentation:   Here
WTTools site:   More WTTools

This subproject is going to be collection of all internet protocols implementation in java. First of all it should contain client side protocols implementation. Later it is possible to add protocols implementation for server side applications.
During my development time I add new protocols. This set contains both implementations created by WTTools project team and good implementation found in other projects. Of course I add only this protocols implementation which licence allow to do it. As you can see JProtocols set contains upto 4 jar files. Since Java2 and Java1 are not compatible I release binary jar files for each JDK separately. Additionally sources consists from upto two implementation of each protocol. I call them simple implementation which contains only basic functionality and extend implementation which contains even full specification implementation.
"Simple" implementation is good solution in many applet like software and "Extend" should be used when full specification support is essential.

Additionally note that JProtocols support one else protocols implementation indeed. You can use implementation from JDK's. JDK doesn't provide good protocols implementation but in some cases we must use them. For example for protocols not supported yet by JProtocols package.

At the moment JProtocols support following protocols implementations:

Protocol JProtocols-extendJProtocols-simpleJDK's
HTTP HTTPClient Version 0.3-3 JProtocols Version 0.9.1 JDK Version you use
FTP From 'jetty' project not yet Hidden in JDK you use
SMTP not yet not yet Hidden in JDK you use
SNMPnot yet in progressnot yet
NNTPnot yet in progress Hidden in JDK you use
As you can see there are many different implementations but the most important advantage of using JProtocols is one common interface to all of them.

Need more info?

If you have any problems with this application or you found any bugs or you have any ideas about extending this package, want to join to project or you simply need to contact me please send e-mail to addres: Artur Hefczyc

This is part of Web Test Tools project.