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public interface CodeGenIfc

CodeGenIfc.java defines interface for test code generators. However test code is not proper name for all possible outputs. There are much more posibilities which I can see for code generators which may create very usefull output.

The most important use is of cource generate code for different unit test engines such as JUnit, Apricot and so on.
In theory it may also generate code for different languages however it is very limited posibility since people prefer use native languages tools for their projects than use Java utility. But at the moment it is very possible to use it for Python language because there is Jython project which provide good Python parser for java and PyUnit project which provide very similar testing framework like JUnit

Created: Sun Dec 2 15:38:41 2001

$Revision: 1.7 $
Artur Hefczyc

Method Summary
 void generateCode(ParsedSourceIfc[] sources)
 void setLogHandler(LogIfc log)
 void setPropertyHandler(PropertyIfc property)

Method Detail


public void setLogHandler(LogIfc log)


public void setPropertyHandler(PropertyIfc property)


public void generateCode(ParsedSourceIfc[] sources)
                  throws java.io.IOException

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